About “Faiza”

Cafe “Faiza” was opened back in 1998, and since then, thanks to the efforts and support of our guests, we have opened a second restaurant, and the name became a domestic brand. How do we attract the visitors? We treat everything with love – to the guests, to the traditions and atmosphere. We always have a warm welcome to visitors. The main focus we have done in the oriental cuisine, as it is the most popular in our country and throughout Central Asia. Every day, people of all ages and professions – school and university students, couples, seniors, business leaders, civil servants.

In “Faiza” often foreign visitors who stay after visiting pleasantly surprised. Here are some of the reviews that left the tourists on the popular travel portal Trip Advisor:

“Faiza”- a cafe with excellent dishes of Oriental cuisine at very good prices. There is always a lot of people. A great place to enjoy the Central Asian cuisine. Definitely worth a visit!”

“Cafe “Faiza” we tried the best food in Kyrgyzstan. The service is efficient and friendly. Prices encouraging. This is a good place for a quick lunch. I am glad that there is no drinking and smoking.”

“If you want to try the traditional Central Asian food, this is the place for you. Here, more than reasonable prices. The menu is very rich.”

“We had lunch here and we really enjoyed the food: Lagman, manti, samsa and salads. It is clean and comfortable enough, price is very affordable and the service is very good. A great place to get a taste of the local cuisine.”

“I visited this place during lunch breaks. The food here is very tasty. I like. I recommend this place to everyone!”

Of course, such comments cannot but rejoice. And it helps us to always maintain a high quality of cooking and service.

Our cooks – professionals who are well versed in Oriental and European cuisine. To service the guests used the most advanced order entry system that can significantly reduce the waiting time.

Friendly and quick service, as well as the variety of dishes for every taste provide you with a comfortable rest and democratic prices will pleasantly surprise you. All dishes are presented in our menu, prepared with only the freshest and best quality products as our principles do not allow us to use semi-finished products and flavors. Meat from which prepare our dishes produced in Kyrgyzstan. You can always count on an experienced and attentive staff: You will be happy to talk about any dish and especially its preparation.

The basic concept of institution – is Eastern and European cuisine combined with a cozy, warm atmosphere and good service. The cordiality and friendliness to the guests, respect for tradition and following the classic recipe – that became the hallmark of the cafe “Faiza.”

Interior “Faiza” is decorated in oriental style. Warm shades adjust to a friendly tone. Rooms are decorated with elements of the life of Central Asian nations. Decorative ceilings with ornaments handmade.

It is also important that the establishment meets all the standards of halal.

We have been successfully running the service delivery. You will promptly deliver your favorite dishes from our menu.

We are always happy to welcome you again in any of our places!